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Who we are?

Dissertation Place is an interactive educational service portal that helps students with online examinations, courses, and classes. We strictly abide by the laws in existence, and we urge our clientele to do the same when they hire us. If someone violates any of the conditions, their account will be promptly revoked.

Payment Policy

  1. We offer a wide array of international payment options.
  2. Your request will be considered only once you have completed the full purchase price.
  3. As soon as we get your final payment, we will allot you the top specialist.

Refund Policy

Customers are only liable for reimbursement once their project has been delivered and that they have fulfilled all of the following procedures:

  1. We will refund your money if we do not reach your requirements.
  2. If we are incompetent to finish your work, we will notify you. An educational institution's confirmation is required in case of failure. In such a case, you'll need to produce detailed failure reports as well as feedback from your lecturers.
  3. Requests for refunds must be made within 30 days of submission of work. Requests for refunds received after the deadline will be ignored.

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