Qualitative Analysis

We are the industry leader in professional academic paper assistance for qualitative and mixed methods studies. We have assisted over 4000 students and professors with qualitative studies helping them design research methodologies, and analyze their qualitative data. We have a diverse staff with experience in a wide range of qualitative disciplines and approaches, so when you work with us, you will be receiving expert help specific to your field and degree program.

We pride ourselves on being able to work with clients on all parts of the dissertation process. We offer assistance from the beginnings of the concept phase to the polishing and perfecting of nearly completed papers. Because time is often of the essence with work of this nature, we offer rapid turnaround times. For all of our services, we provide continued and ongoing assistance without extra charge for any additional revisions your work may need. You will continue to receive the same level of dedicated support as we revise your work, answer questions, address reviewer comments, and assist you through the committee approval process.

The Latest Tools

We are highly experienced with qualitative data analysis software, including NVivo 10 and Atlas. As qualitative studies become more complex with IRB documentation requirements, more participants, audio and video recording, data coding, and multiple levels of analysis, universities are encouraging students to use these software tools. Our expertise with these platforms allows us to help interpret your data, digitize your research materials, and provide you with a superior quality of analysis.

We regularly use the Brown University library (both physical and online) in helping our clients with their studies, giving us full-text access to nearly any academic source ever published. We are adept with scholarly databases such as JSTOR, EbscoHost, ProQuest, Questia, Blackwell Synergy, ScienceDirect, and many others. Our research resources allow us to attain the deepest understanding of the background and existing literature relevant to your study.

Preparing Interviews

Our qualitative team is skilled in interview and focus group preparation. We can determine sample size requirements, explain survey designs, transcribe interviews, and work with you to properly code and classify data. Our transcription and coding services are extremely precise, fast, and affordable. We are able to take your data in any form and help you quickly meet your university’s expectations.

Analysis Using Renowned Methods

We have helped our clients comprehensively analyze their qualitative data utilizing a number of different methodologies. Some of the most frequent methods are described below, though we are also well versed in grounded theory, microanalysis, hermeneutical studies, narrative analysis, quasi-statistics, and more. There are virtually no methods with which we are not familiar.

Phenomenology – Standardized as a phenomenological research methodology by Moustakas (1994), the modified van Kaam (1959) method involves understanding the essence, meaning, and structure of an individual’s lived experiences. This methodology is used to look for patterns and trends by identifying shared beliefs that have yet to be addressed by existing literature, so it is important to find consultants who understand the unique characteristics of a phenomenological study and shed any preconceived notions when engaging in analysis.

Typology – We are experienced with studies breaking down research data by categories. Because we have experts in so many fields, we are well equipped to identify trends, themes, and patterns to classify data from many different disciplines. In addition, our expertise with NVivo, Nud*ist, Atlas and HyperResearch are special assets to anyone conducting content analysis, which involves a theory-driven quantification of traditionally qualitative materials, such as audio, video, or transcribed data.

Grounded Theory – Induction involves observing events, stating a hypothesis, observing additional events, and evaluating whether the new observations follow the hypothesis. If they do, you can induce that the hypothesis is correct. If they do not, you revise the hypothesis. Our expertise with designing testable hypotheses will ease the process for anyone using analytic induction.

Logical or Matrix Analysis – While analytic induction relies on observations, logical or matrix analysis emphasizes processes of reasoning. Thus, how the answer is found is just as important as what the answer actually is. In addition to assisting with writing, we can help you conceptualize and design the tables, figures, and flow charts that are often crucial to this type of analysis.

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