Game Theory

The gaming and sports industries lend themselves to quantitative analysis by nature, as the games are grounded in the language of numbers, data, odds, and ratios. To this end, it is both seamless and enjoyable for us to work within these industries. Casino games are literally case studies in the real-life applications of probabilistic mathematics. Also, many of the principals of our firm have successful backgrounds in poker and other forms of advantage wagering.

Our consulting services for the gaming and sports industries include, but are not limited to:

  • Sports Team and Player Analytics
  • House Edge Analysis for New Games
  • Fantasy Sports Analytics and Modeling
  • Player Cheating Analysis for Online Poker Rooms, Sports Books, or Casinos
  • Sports Wagering Analytics and Modeling
  • Game Choice Analysis for Online Poker Rooms, Sports Books, or Casinos
  • Promotional Design for Online Poker Rooms, Sports Books, or Casinos

Our team draws on techniques common in various quantitative fields, including applied mathematics, game and decision theory, computer science and economics. As such, we are able to work on projects of virtually any level of complexity.

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